Monday, October 1, 2007

Labor of Love

It finished. :) This is the quilt I have been working on for William our soon to be 15th grandchild. I make each of them a counted cross stitch quilt, each one has been different. This is the front, below is the back side & the design for the front came from liking the fabric for the back.


mattswife1990 said...

It turned out cute! :) I'm sure it feels good to get William's quilt done, huh?

It's funny, but I felt like I was "peeking" at a surprise when I saw the photos of his quilt. I guess that's because each of our six babies' quilts were surprises!

I do like the way that we didn't see them or know what theme they were until after each baby's birth. It added a fun dimension to the whole thing, kind of like waiting until the baby is born to see what gender he/she is. :)

But I know LOTS of people like to know & plan ahead, and Becky's got William's whole nursery decorated in that theme. :) It will look *great* in there!

Only a few more weeks until you get to meet him.... :)

Ed & Dottie said...

I had decided just to let Becky have the quilt early since she was trying to get the room already & it looked like it needed the quilt to finish the "look". I know it was kind of fun doing all of yours in secret. But since both Becky & Rachel like to do the nursery in a theme & asked for some of the quilts I have let them see the quilts as I worked on them. But since you & Lisa didn't do a themed nursery I decided to keep those quilts secret. Mom