Friday, January 18, 2008

Church Update

Our new church Amazing Grace Baptist has been meeting in a pole barn since we first started up in October. But we need to move as the township didn't want us meeting like that as it didn't meet code. So starting in Feb we will be meeting in a big building that is part of Klackle's Orchard here in Greenville. We will have to pay to use the building but are trusting God to bring in that much more in the offerings. This way we will be able to invite people to come. Klackle's will allow us to have information about the church on their big sign out front. We feel that way too if some one is looking for a church they just might see the sign & decide to try Amazing Grace Baptist. Last Sunday we had several visitors & have heard some are planning on coming back. :) God has been so good & blessing us so richly & we are so thankful for His loving care of us all & our "baby" church.

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mattswife1990 said...

That's really great that you'll have a more visible location for the church! Our church here just moved at the beginning of the year to a more visible, larger spot to meet (which we have 24/7 instead of just on Sundays). And more people are starting to come!

In fact, one woman stopped in at the church while our pastor was there setting up things, and ended up accepting Christ as her Savior!! :) She hadn't set foot in a church since she was 8, and she's in her 60s now. Everyone was very excited to meet her and hear her story.

We're all excited that it seems like it won't be long until we "outgrow" our new location and need to find another, larger one again. :)

Well, the kids & I are off to the new house to work. A friend from church is meeting us there to help. Matt & another friend from church will be along late this afternoon to work, too. :)

We love you!!
Amy & family :)