Sunday, September 14, 2008

Home Again

Ed was allowed to come home today. :) He will have to go out to PT three times a week. Doctor said he was doing great. We are so glad this surgery went so well as he has the other knee done in 6 weeks.

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Amy :) said...

We are *so* glad to hear that you're doing so great, Dad! We've been praying, and so has our church. :)

A lady in our church who has had both knees done is praying that both of your knee replacements go the way her first one did. She said it was a lot easier than she had expected. :)

We love you & will keep praying, both for this recovery and for the next one to go well, too!

Amy & family :)

PS--You look like you feel like a new man, with the "fixed" eyes, and a new knee! :)