Friday, January 16, 2009


This is my nearly finish newish project. We have been picking up games to put in the motor home. We found the big size checker pieces at Goodwill but it didn't have a price on the bag. When checking out we asked the price & one lady said there is a rug that goes with it. She went to look for the rug & get us a price on just the pieces. Well some one else check out at the other register & she had the rug. We offered her the pieces & she said no she just wanted the rug. She was paying $1.99 for just the rug & the lady came back & said it would be 99¢ for the pieces. So if we could have talked to the lady with the rug we could have worked out a deal with her. Oh well Goodwill got an extra 99¢ for their work. I have since found I had a piece of heavy fabric that could be used for the "board". I marked off squares & have now painted them. I had to do the painting in two steps as I ran out of paint. I just finished the last of the painting. You can see the tape is still on. Now we can play checkers if we want. I also thought this bigger size would be fun for the grandkids to use too when here.

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