Saturday, April 17, 2010

One project leads to another

I made the new purple skirt to go with the Easter vest but I can't
wear that all the time so I wanted to get fabric to make a blouse to go with the skirt. When looking for fabric I found two I liked & I couldn't decide. My dear hubby said get both. Sewing isn't as cheap now days but it is cheaper than buying a blouse to match & normally I can't find what I like in the stores. I think we have about $12 total for both blouses. The trip to Jo Ann's was actually to get some black fabric to make a modesty panel for the key board for church. So that is a project too but won't take long to do. I hope to get the two blouses done before we head to AZ. I also have a bit of other sewing I'd like to get done. But since I only have two weeks I may not get it all done.

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